My name is Spencer Wowk, I am a 19 year old student at Ryerson for Film.  I was introduced into the Industry at the age of 12 on the set of Battle of the Blades, and discovered my passion for the industry at the age of 16.  Since then I have been doing some work on professional film sets and taking all kinds of Film and Photography courses throughout High School.  I then applied and was accepted into Ryerson Mid March of 2015.  Since my acceptance I was gifted a camera by a friend of mine and that’s when I truly discovered my love of still photography (along side my love of motion pictures).  As a film student you cannot grab a camera, run outside and shoot a movie, but I can grab my camera and shoot a whole lot.  The individuality and the ability to show my personal vision and eye is one of the things I love about photography.  I am not working in a group environment so I am able to capture my vision, and my vision alone, without compromise.  Due to the similarities in film and photography any skills I learn with a camera are quite often very transferable between the mediums, helping me to develop a cinematographer, or a photographers eye.  My favourite type of shot either involves shooting my surroundings, whether they be nature or urbanized areas, along with candid shots.  Capturing the environment around me helps me to realize that creativity is everywhere, you just have to look for it.  In the past several years I have truly discovered my passion for film and photography, and my love for each continues to grow exponentially every year.