So I work a lot of jobs.  I work part time at a Mortgage Brokerage office, I work as a caterer, and now I’m trying to start my own photography business.  Several of my friends have asked “how do you manage that?”  or “how do you do that?”  The simple answer is I don’t.  I mean I do.  I just juggle.  Except exceptionally poorly.  It’s like a clown is throwing things in the air, but instead of methodically throwing them in a pattern and catching them neatly, I’m just throwing them up REALLY high in the air and hoping I can just barely throw the next one up before the other comes crashing down on my toe.  (I realize this is a strange metaphor but it’s the best I could come up with.  I’m starting to wonder if I should post this in my personal rather than my professional blog, but then again, getting to know me seems like it could be beneficial if you wanted to hire me or buy some of my work.  But I like to think my photos speak for me better than I ever can so maybe I should just let them do the talking.  If they could have thoughts they’d probably be shaking their head in disappointment with this post.)  I’m actually handling things fairly well but it feels pretty chaotic.  (Probably because it’s just a lot to do and from my perspective it’s insane, but from the outside looking in I seem quite normal.)  But I do put the upmost effort into everything I do.  Which is why I need a lot of afternoon naps.  I have my first art show coming up on August first, and any “free time” I’ve had in the last several weeks has been put into making it the best art show of my career.  I mean since it’s also the ONLY art show of my career so it seems reaching the non existent bar shouldn’t be too bad.  However this will define the “bar” for any future events I do, so it has to be perfect.  Or utterly horrible so that the next show I do will be a huge success in comparison.  I’d prefer the former.

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